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1 Lost Sounds Future Touch
2 Boris The Sprinkler Weird Lookin' Woman
3 M.O.T.O. Chocking On Your Insides
4 Grabass Charlestons Squidilly Diddilly
5 The Knockout Pills Stab Wound Baby
6 The Motards Crazy
7 The Unlovables I've Cried 4 U
8 Dt's* Eyes To The Sun
9 The Leg Hounds Runaround Baby
10 Functional Blackouts* Delta 32 Mutation
11 Gunmoll Less Than You Hoped For
12 The Ponys Little Friends
13 The Ergs! Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama
14 Catholic Boys Dolphin Stomp/Psychic Voodoo Mind Control
15 The Marked Men Gone Away
16 The Little Killers Jenna Lee
17 The Hospitals Friends
18 Rev. Norb The Hucklebuck
19 The Apers Pick Me Up
20 The Fuse! All Across The World
21 The Krunchies John Bitter
22 The Mistreaters Stranded
23 Clairmel Red And Swollen
24 69 Charger Stranded
25 Manges* Barrage Of Hate
26 The Spits Space Guitar
27 Reigning Sound If You Can't Give Me Everything
28 The Black Lips I've Got A Knife
29 Toys That Kill Puppies With Rifles
30 The Tears Miss Queen
31 Fifth Hour Hero Everything I Won't Miss
32 Vee Dee Tet Midwest
33 Darlington January
34 Mystery Girls* Autumn Turns To Fall
35 The Mummies Food, Sickles, And Girls


Given free with the Polish fanzine Sarkafarka #1

Track 1 taken from "Future Touch" (12"ep, In The Red Records)
Track 2 taken from "Mega Anal" (CD, Bulge Records)
Track 3 taken from "Kill M.O.T.O." (CD, Criminal IQ Records)
Track 4 taken from "The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd" (No Idea Records)
Track 5 taken from "1+1=Ate" (Estrus Records)
Track 6 taken from "Stardom" (CD, Mortville Records)
Track 7 taken from "Crush*Boyfriend*Heartbreak*‎" (CD, Whoa Oh Records)
Track 8 taken from "Hard Fixed"(CD, Estrus Records)
Track 9 taken from "Ready To Go" (CD, Bulge Records)
Track 10 taken from S/T (CD, Criminal IQ Records)
Track 11 taken from "Board Of Rejection" (CD, No Idea Records)
Track 12 taken from "Laced With Romance" (CD, In The Red Records)
Track 13 taken from "dorkrockcorkrod" (Whoa Oh Records)
Track 14 taken from "Psychic Voodoo..." (CD, Trick Knee Prod.)
Track 15 taken from "On The Outside" (CD, Dirtnap Records)
Track 16 taken from S/T (CD; Crypt Records)
Track 17 taken from S/T (CD, In The Red Records)
Track 18 taken from "Earth's Greatest Rocker" (CD, Bulge Records)
Track 19 taken from "The Wild And Savage Apers" (CD, Stardumb Records)
Track 20 taken from "The Fisherman's Wife" (CD, In The Red Records)
Track 21 taken from "Interrobang" (7"ep, Criminal IQ Records)
Track 22 taken from "Playa Hated To The Fullest" (CD, Estrus Records)
Track 23 taken from "A Letter To Friends" (CD, No Idea Records)
Track 24 taken from "Trash Deluxe!" (Stardumb Records)
Track 25 taken from "Acid Beaters" split w/Queers (CD, Stardumb Records)
Track 26 taken from S/T (Dirnap Records)
Track 27 taken from "Too Much Guitar" (CD, In The Red Records)
Track 28 taken from S/T (CD, Bomp Records)
Track 29 taken from "Controll The Sun" (CD, Recess Records)
Track 30 taken from S/T (CD, Trick Knee Prod.)
Track 31 taken from "You Have Hurt My Business..." (CDep, No Idea Records)
Track 32 taken from "Furthur" (CD, Criminal IQ Records)
Track 33 taken from "All The Wrong Moves" (CD, Whoa Oh Records)
Track 34 taken from "Something In The Water" (CD, In The Red Records)
Track 35 taken from "Death By Unga Bunga!!" (CD, Estrus Records)
Various - Sarkafarka - Punk Nicznany Niebezpieczny
Sarkafarka - Punk Nicznany Niebezpieczny
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